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Lead Shot Balls

₹ 241 /Kilogram Get Latest Price

Metal TypeLead
Pack TypeHDPE Bag
Pack Size25 kg

Minimum order quantity: 200 Kilogram

The Lead Shot are used in a various industrial circles. They are chiefly used in weight balancing in different industries. Another category of lead shots which are offered from our side is lead metal shot which is very smooth and is produced from the best raw lead accessible.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Shot :

  • Most economical and lowest consumption
  • Available in various sizes as per requirement
  • More Life Span, till completely reduced to smallest tiny particle
  • Increase the fatigue life of the blasted components
  • No possibility for dust formation during shot blasting
  • Cleans the products faster
  • Cuts down the maintenance cost of shot blasting machine
  • No dust or health hazard during operation


Construction Lead Rods

₹ 230 /Kg Get Latest Price

Diameter12mm to 150mm
Size/Diameter12mm to 150mm
Single Piece Length200 mm to 1200mm

Minimum order quantity: 100 Kg

Lead Rod has been used in a many industrial applications including electrical interconnection in computers, lighting equipment, motor leads, heating and cooling equipment, harness fabrication and automotive.

Lead rod has also been used to add weight in tennis racket customization, in the manufacture of electrical components such as resistors and capacitors, and for the support wires in light bulb filaments

High Voltage Lead Rod, due to its physical, mechanical, and electrical properties has been used in motors, heaters, dryers, and stoves. Lead rod has been used in power supply equipment and clinical electrical stimulators. Lead Rod is also used as the starting material in lead bullets

Lead tube is made from pure Lead Metal (99.97% min.) or Lead Alloys, which is readily fabricated by extrusion.

Lead Metal Rods have excellent property of corrosion resistance and flexibility, Lead Rod finds many uses in the chemical industry.
other Application : Weight Balancing,
X Ray Shielding, Machines and construction Industry.

Lead Cut Wire Shot

₹ 241 /Kg Get Latest Price

MaterialLead Metal
Pack TypeHDPE Bag
Pack Size25 kg

Minimum order quantity: 200 Kg

Lead Shot is normally used for radiation protection to fill and melt into hollow spaces and gaps in Lead shields where other Lead products like Lead sheet or Lead bricks are not approachable.

The material has a low melting point and can be processed easily and fast into a homogenous barrier layer. The standard program comprises of diameters.Further dimensions can be produced on request.


Lead balls are used for various other applications such as

  • Stress testing Providing variable weights in strength-of-materials stress-testing systems.
  • Hydrometers use a weight made of Lead balls
  • Split Balls a larger type of lead balls where each pellet is cut partway through the diameter.
  • The heads of some dead blow hammers are filled with balls to minimize rebound off the struck surface.
  • Shot belts scuba diving, cycling and swimming.
  • Model rocketry to add weight to the nose of the rocket, increasing the stability factor.
  • Lead balls are used for a regenerator in Stirling engines and thermo acoustic crycoolers.
  • Lead balls for wall construction suitable for radiation shielding applications.
  • It is used to attenuate radiation, especially X-rays and gamma rays in Medical and nuclear industry.
  • For free casting steel / free machinery steel.
  • Ballast for counter balance, bridge construction & building
  • Cored Wire Manufacturing


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